I have been single for almost three years and there are only 2 types of men who have asked me out – those who are otherwise encumbered (my friends say it’s because I AM intimidating and THEY have nothing to lose) and a 20 something university student. While the latter is totally flattering, you will not find “Mrs. Robinson” tendencies on my list of reasons you should date me.  So in no particular order, here are 37 compelling reasons you should ask me out.

  1. I’M A 2
  2. I always wear white after Labour Day
  3. I know CPR
  4. I know handcuffs are not just for cops
  5. I do pump my own gas
  6. I do not eat crackers in bed
  7. I know how many licks it takes to get to the centre of a Tootsie Roll Pop
  8. I’ll look HOT in your shirt
  9. I sometimes wear boxer briefs under a dress
  10. I know the difference between their, they’re and there
  11. I won the 4th grade Spelling Bee with the word “antidisestablishmentarianism”
  12. I know where Waldo is
  13. I make my bed every single day and iron my pillow cases every single week
  14. I know how to drive a stick shift
  15. I know how to leave you satisfied, yet hungry for more
  16. I have never caused a traffic accident because I was fixing my make up
  17. I will never have hairy, well, anything…
  18. I can clap my hands and the lights will go out
  19. I play a mean game of Scrabble…and seldom use those annoying, random 2 letter words
  20. I am a great kisser
  21. I can carry on an intelligent conversation AND offer an opinion
  22. I will always take the time to look my best for you
  23. I know how to accessorize, well, everything
  24. I can do 100 burpees in under 5 minutes
  25. I’m flexible – I’ll leave that statement to your interpretation…
  26. I am as comfortable in a $1000 dress as I am in a pair of ripped jeans
  27. I know how sexy “toe cleavage” is
  28. I know that it might be rainy now, but it never storms forever
  29. I could eat red meat every day of the week
  30. I will not blend in to the crowd
  31. I know that proper etiquette changes with the times but never goes out of style
  32. My burgers are what legends are made of
  33. I am good at it
  34. You will never leave disappointed
  35. I do not drink Coke OR Pepsi
  36. You will not be able to get me out of your head

And the final reason you should date me?  Drum Roll Please!!


Oh, and if you show up for our date in THOSE jeans, wearing THOSE shoes with THOSE flowers, there’s a good chance you’ll get lucky…

More about Lozza

I am 54 years old, an entrepreneur at heart, an accomplished hostess, a great cook, jack of all trades and master of none. Through my musings, it is my hope to inspire you to think a little differently, try something new or change one thing that will put an end to average and help you live a life less ordinary.

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