I am 54 years old and I wear ripped jeans – The Horror….We all know that well loved denim is in style so why do you pull on sweat pants, pull your ponytail through your hat and go through life clad in sneakers and covered in pet hair.  When did you stop caring about how you look?  Don’t you know that when you look good, you feel good?  That wearing matching lingerie under your clothes makes you feel sexy?  And don’t you know that looking good and feeling good translates in to a better more well rounded and less mundane life?

I am 54 years old and I like sex – GASP!  Maybe it has something to do with the look good/feel good thing or maybe E.L. James is on to something.  Take the time to perfect the art of kissing, be daring, spontaneous and never underestimate the power of foreplay.  Ditch the mundane and dig in to fifty shades of erotica. Did I mention that E.L. James may be on to something??

I am 54 years old, addicted to coffee, wine and the rush you get from a hard workout.  I give 110% to everyone and everything in my life.  I have pushed my body and mind beyond what I thought I was capable of and found not only personal satisfaction in those challenges but also the impulse to push further…

I have made it through 54 years.  I have worked hard, raised two children and am raising a grand baby.  I have been fat (read: I am a married mother of 2 and I don’t care), and I have been thin (read: OMG, I am almost 40 and I have back fat!).  I have been so broke that I have had to make jam and sell it at a local market – heck, I don’t even like jam but it helped pay the bills.  And I have been more fortunate….

I am 54 years old, an entrepreneur at heart, an accomplished hostess, a great cook, a jack of all trades and master of none.  Through my musings, it is my hope to inspire you to think a little differently, try something new or change one thing that will put an end to average and help you live a life less ordinary.